Interpreting means providing an oral translation of the spoken word. There are various types of interpretation: it can be simultaneous, consecutive or whispered, depending on the type of meeting.
At Babylon, we have a number of expertise’s that can provide the following services:

Simultaneous interpretation
We have been providing interpreting services for over 15 years now for the legal and business sectors. We have highly qualified, skilled and experienced interpreters that can meet the demands of simultaneous interpreting.
The interpreter sits in a booth and translates while the speaker is speaking. Listeners hear the interpreters through headphones. Simultaneous interpretation is highly intensive and is suitable for all conferences and meetings with presentations or with a large number of participants. Simultaneous interpretation is also often used in court, for example in patent litigation.

Consecutive interpretation
The interpreter does not translate while the speaker is speaking, but does so afterwards. The speaker speaks for a certain amount of time, after which the interpreter conveys what was just said in the target language. Consecutive interpreting is suitable only for small meetings with few languages, for example contract negotiations, board meetings and site visits. This form of interpretation is often used in depositions as well.The meeting time is almost doubled, since the interpretation happens after the speaker has spoken.

Conference interpreters
It is critical for all participants of a conference to understand presentations and other information. An interpreter is indispensable. Our conference interpreters usually work in pairs per language. They simultaneously translate the words of the speaker into the target language of choice.